The importance of custom-built wood pallets and crates

December 23, 2011
The importance of custom-built wood pallets and crates

If you were to think that a pallet is simply some pieces of wood nailed together, you’d be right. But if you think putting together a quality wood pallet or crate to ship goods down the road or across the world is a simple process, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Not all wood pallets or crates are created equal. Take a look around any warehouse and you’re likely to see the effects of poorly constructed pallets—damaged inventory. Poorly constructed pallets and crates are more easily compromised and account for millions of dollars of damage to valuable shipments every year.

The other problem is damaged stock through using the wrong pallet or crate for the shipment of goods. There are pallets with set specifications for particular industries—pallets that are constructed to cater for specific weights, heights and loads. And then there are the wood pallets or crates that need to be constructed for custom projects. If you have a custom load, it isn’t worth attempting to ship it using stock pallets that are ill equipped to do the job. Chances are this will result in either a damaged or delayed shipment...or both. Either way, it’s likely to prove costly for your business.

For custom loads, it is imperative that you discuss your requirements with a professional wood pallet manufacturer such as HWP. A professional pallet maker will be able to help you decide how best to package your shipment, and may be able to offer you great advice based on similar requests from other companies that have needed to ship custom loads in the past.

HWP’s years of experience and manufacturing expertise ensures the company is uniquely positioned to help you determine the best product for your specific shipping requirements. Our know-how enables us to meet the highest standards while remaining competitively priced.

At HWP, the combination of quality workmanship and cutting-edge technology cements our position as a leading, flexible, reliable and premium custom wood pallet and crate manufacturer.

Using computer-generated images or specifications from your own drawings, our design and carpentry team will custom build your wooden pallets and crates.
From compact and easy-to-handle containers for smaller shipping requirements, to large crates for the transportation of bigger, heavier items, our mission is to safely and securely bundle, wrap and protect your merchandise, ensuring it arrives at its destination safely and in pristine condition.

To discuss your custom wood pallet or crate requirements, contact HWP today.

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