Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets

Experience Builds Success

Using the knowledge and expertise acquired by four generations, through 75 years of manufacturing millions of wood pallets; we maintain the highest level of standards, commitment to quality and excellence.

Herwood Inc. offers an unlimited range of wood pallet models to choose from. Choose from some of our most popular and widely used models, or send us your specifications and we will manufacture exact wood pallets for your business. Offering completely customizable products ensures that we offer the best solution to your packaging requirements.
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Standard Pallet Sizes

There are obviously a lot of choices when it comes to wood pallets. The bottom line is finding one that does the job required most efficiently. Some applications will call for more specific wood pallet solutions and customized products. Some of the most commonly used standard pallet models are listed below:

Wooden Pallets

  Double Bridge Pallet with 4 Entries 4 entry-way flush pallets with planks underneath
  Double-Decked Pallet With 2 Entries 2 entry-way flush pallets with planks underneath
  Single-Decked Pallet with 2 Entries. 2 entry-way flush pallets without planks underneath

  Double Bridge Wing Pallet

2 entry-way flush pallets with planks and quarter panels (ailes) underneath
  Block Pallet Block pallets


Custom-Built Wood Pallets

Should you have special requirements regarding a specific wood pallet size, wood pallet design or wood type; we will custom manufacture your pallets to meet your exact specifications. Our mission is to offer the best quality products, ideally suited to your packaging needs at great prices. Give us a call, we're happy to help! 1.800.884.4907



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