6 Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Management

February 9, 2018
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Running a smooth and efficient warehouse is critical to the success of your business. Customer satisfaction is vital to having a successful business and, without an optimized warehouse, it’s impossible to guarantee accurate shipments and timely deliveries. That's why the constant search for improvement can make it easier to manage your warehouse. Here are our top 6 tips for an effective warehouse management!

1. Maximize all Available Space

Before you consider expanding your warehouse, make sure you are taking full advantage of the vertical space you may already have. Many companies don’t optimize this space because it’s easy to overlook and forget. Decluttering unused products is also effective to save space! Consider taller storage containers and shelving, don’t be afraid to use multiple types of storage units for various items.   

2. Keep the Warehouse Organized

This one sounds like common sense, but many companies frequently need to be reminded to keep their warehouse as organized as possible. Know exactly what products are coming in, where they are being stored and when they will be shipped out. This level of organization will ensure optimal order processing and, at the end of the day, customer satisfaction. 

3. Use Enabling Technology

To maximize your warehouse efficiency, consider adopting a system that will suggest the best routes and methods for organizing the items in your warehouse based on your company’s supply, demand and needs. Technology can save you time, money and be environmentally friendly by reducing the use of paper.

4. Maintaining Organized Workspace

Maintaining an organized workspace for your employees can improve the productivity in the warehouse. If a workspace is disorganized, or not fully equipped, employees can waste time looking for the tools or pieces they need to complete their tasks.

5. Implement Barcoding

Using barcodes in a warehouse can drastically reduce human error, as well as increase visibility. Scanning barcodes gives you an added level of confidence that the correct product is being moved, packaged and shipped out.

6. Analyze Performance

In order to be constantly improving, you need to have some form of performance measurement in your warehouse. A few key metrics you should be tracking are: order fill rate, on-time shipment to customer, warehouse capacity and order accuracy. 

Here at Herwood Inc., we can help you maximize the efficiency of your warehouse. Environmental conservation is our top priority and is why we had started our wood pallet recycling service. Through this program, we recover all pallets that can no longer be used or are considered unsafe to use for shipping.

Once collected, pallets are repaired for recirculation or recovery to create biomass. Contact us today to get more space in your warehouse without having to expand!

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