5 Tips to Improve Your Warehouse—Wooden Pallets and Crates

July 30, 2013
5 Tips to Improve Your Warehouse—Wooden Pallets and Crates

Productivity and efficiency are key concerns to every warehouse manager. Supply chain management is no easy task, and little things can make a big difference in the flow of the daily functioning in your warehouse. If you want some smart tips to cut down on your labour costs, increase productivity, and smooth out your daily operations keep reading!

Invest in the proper tools for the warehouse

This is a big deal. Far too often people try to scrape by using low quality tools, materials or equipment and end up with either an accident, or consistently poor performance records. Spend the money required to purchase any and all equipment you need. Forklifts and pallet jacks are a must, quality wooden pallets, wooden crates, as well as proper shelving, storage and maintenance tools.  Scrimping here will end up costing you money, giving you grief, and slowing down your daily routine.

Quality transporting supplies

Make sure that you are using quality wooden pallets that make moving goods around a breeze. Wooden pallets are your biggest ally in the workflow as they bear the brunt of the load when moving goods from place to place. Many wooden pallets come in standardized sizes which means that when a truck comes to load or unload, you can do so easily because all equipment will be able to handle the pallets efficiently and safely.

Perform regular preventive maintenance

Take the time to create a maintenance schedule for all equipment and tools that would benefit from one. And stick to it! Make sure that regular safety checks are performed on all machinery like forklifts and trucks so as to avoid
mishaps or breakdowns—which cost you time and money.

Quality control checks

Assess how often you need to perform quality checks. This will apply to the state of your inventory, equipment, wooden pallets and crates, other packaging materials, as well as the building itself. Take note of areas that are a danger or need improvement and make a plan to get them repaired, replaced, or removed. When it comes to your wooden pallets, make sure to sort out any that are damaged or unsafe to continue in circulation and have them picked up by your pallet recycling program.

Implement smart planning

Use a warehouse slotting system. What’s slotting? Slotting is determining the most appropriate storage location for each item in your warehouse based on the frequency of its use. The majority of time spent by the workers in a warehouse is spent travelling around the building. Cut down travel times, and avoid unnecessary time by using a slotting system. You can expect to shave off 10 percent off your time this way.
HWP can help you find the right materials to keep your warehouse running smooth. From wooden pallets to crates, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today!

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