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Lean manufacturing is a recipe for success

February 15, 2012

Lean manufacturing is a recipe for success

Despite three horrible years that included a recall saga and a devastating tsunami, by the end of January of this year, Japan-based automobile manufacturer Toyota will have its full production up and running again. This is all thanks to Toyota’s TPS (Toyota Production System) which has greatly helped the company’s recent comeback.

The TPS model aims to eliminate waste in seven key areas:

  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Over-processing
  • Over-production
  • Defects

Depending on the type of manufacturing you’re company is in, one or more of the above labels may be of particular concern to you. But the one label that stands head and shoulders above all others for manufacturing companies is transportation.

Transportation is the chain that links all the components of manufacturing together—from the receiving of raw materials through production and delivery of the finished product. To ensure that transportation does not contribute to waste in your manufacturing process, finding a supplier of high quality wooden pallets is key.

Boasting some of the leanest manufacturing lines in the wood pallet and crate industry today—which ensures their competitiveness in the marketplace—Windsor, Quebec, based HWP offer superior quality heat treated wood pallets and wood crates.

With a wide range of standard models always in stock and the ability to produce custom wood packaging with quick turnaround times, HWP are the number one choice for companies in the St. Lawrence River Valley and New England.

For all your wood pallet requirements, contact HWP today.


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